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  This is a post about being seen. It is about trans visibility.   Not all visibility is good visibility.   My visibility when I walk home late at night. My visibility every time a news outlet or TV show represents a trans woman in a two-dimensional or unfeeling way.   These are not good. […]

New Podcast!

  The first ever None of Us is Yet a Robot podcast is now live! You can download it here: http://notyetarobot.podbean.com or at iTunes: http://notyetarobot.podbean.com/feed/ if that’s more your thing! It was a conversation with the wonderful Brighton based musician, writer and activist Maeve Devine (pictured). Maeve and I talked about trans life, robots, cyborg sex attachments and […]

New Year, New Face?

For the past three and a half months I haven’t recognised my own face. I have been suffering from a violent skin reaction. My body’s response to a combination of emotional stress and busy-ness, laser beard removal and (potentially) also metal elements within the China Clay I was working with last year during ‘Rituals for […]

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Tonight, I will be hosting an event for this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance at the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton (full event details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/426513740877531/) The event began in San Francisco in 1999 and now exists as a global effort to commemorate those who have been killed in the past 12 months for […]

An introduction.

I thought I should write a sort of introductory welcome to me and to this blog and a statement of intent before I begin to (sporadically) fill it with thoughts. I’m Emma. I’m a 36 year old transgender woman. I am a parent and I’m in transition. I use female pronouns (she / her / […]