None of Us is Yet a Robot is an ongoing collaboration between Emma Frankland & Abby Butcher exploring a series of online and live performances related to gender identity and the politics of transition.

I lay claim to the irreducible plurality of my living body, not to my body as bare life but to the very materiality of my body as political site for agency and resistance.

Paul B Preciado – Testo Junkie

This is a private, beautiful, evocative piece of theatre. It is story-telling at its simplest and bravest

Liz Allum, British Theatre Guide on ‘Rituals for Change’

Our most recent piece, Rituals for Change, is a live art/theatre performance that explores the body and the felt experience of change through a series of devised rituals.
Rituals for Change is the fourth piece that we have made and explores the body and the felt experience of change. Previous performances include Language, a performance/gig manifesto performed with a punk guitarist about the failure of language to adequately describe or support trans people’s experience and the intersections of privilege. Doodle is a durational live- drawing conversation that takes place over 5–8 hour periods and egg/box: a one-on-one performance taking place inside two giant cardboard boxes about biology, hormones, sea cucumbers and our place within the planet.

The work has been shown at Trans Pride, Brighton; Buzzcut Festival, Glasgow; Dialogue and Sprint Festivals in London and at Forest Fringe, Edinburgh.

All of the pieces are available for touring, collectively or individually.