An introduction.

I thought I should write a sort of introductory welcome to me and to this blog and a statement of intent before I begin to (sporadically) fill it with thoughts.

I’m Emma. I’m a 36 year old transgender woman. I am a parent and I’m in transition. I use female pronouns (she / her / hers).

The None of Us is Yet a Robot project is a body of performance work related to issues around gender and identity. Sometimes in relation to my own body and journey and sometimes not.

This blog will be a place to put thoughts and writing that respond to the work, or to events as they occur.

I don’t intend to use it as a journal of transition or even as a cohesive body of thoughts, it just seemed right to have somewhere to comment on things within this site as a whole.

If you have any particular questions or would like to open a dialogue then please contact me via the contact page.

So… hello!

I look forward to writing more words for you.

Emma. x